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Scalp Micro Pigmentation Scalp - Hairline

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Scalp - Hairline

The Scalp Micropigmentation commonly known as (SMP) The SMP process expertly restores the appearance of thousands of hair follicles by gently injecting the natural pigment onto the scalp. Suitable for all types and stages of hair loss on all skin tones, the scalp tattoo typically takes 9-12 hours to complete, usually spread over three sessions. Five to seven days are recommended between sessions to allow the scalp to rest and heal.

After each session, thousands of tiny scabs form as part of the healing process, giving a ‘dotty’ appearance initially. Within a few days, these scabs naturally fall off, leaving behind smaller, natural-looking deposits. Over the three sessions, these deposits are layered to replicate real hair seamlessly, ensuring a realistic and natural appearance.

Who can Benefit SMP ? 

– SMP for man / woman 

– ⁠Receding hairline

– ⁠Baldness 

– ⁠Thinning hair 

– ⁠Birthmark blending 

– ⁠Hair transplant FUT scar camouflage


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